Kids were angry,
who knew?

The kids that came from space were not like other kids. They were angry kids.

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angry kids

It's happening. The Space Kids are here, and they're pissed.
You know them as the "angry kids", the ones who have been watching earth from outer space for generations, waiting for the human race to get its act together and stop being so damn evil.

They are rich in money, rich in power, smart as hell; they've got all the technology we could ever want, but they don't want it. They're just sitting up there, watching us with their telescopic eyes, and snickering at our planet's shortcomings.

That was until...


They got fed up

They could not believe that on this planet, people's physical appearance determined how they would be treated—that some people were treated better than others based on something as silly as the color of their skin. They couldn't believe that there was one group of people who seemed to have power over everyone else—including the ability to decide who would live or die—and that this power had been abused for so long without consequences.

The kids from space had had it. The injustice and the violence were too much to bear. They wanted to change us for the better, but coming down in their spaceships wouldn't do any good. They'd look scary and intimidating—the exact opposite of what they wanted to convey. They needed a way to blend in, get close to the people of Earth, and experience life as we did.



So they decided on reincarnation: They arrived here as humans with no memory of who they really were or why they were here.

This way, they could immerse themselves in our culture, live as we live, and grow up alongside us until the day when their memories returned and they could finally fulfill their mission: changing the world for the better.



After cycles and cycles of reincarnation, some kids realized their missions and have been contributing in their own ways, while others totally got out of track.

They tried to remember how they ended up on Earth in the first place: why did they leave home? Why did they want to come here? Their memories were hazy, like rain clouds obscuring a sunset.


5,000 angry kids

It's been said that there are about 5,000 angry kids scattered on one of the most energy-efficient blockchains today—Tezos, still trying to figure out their purpose.


become part of
the story

They're still angry, and they need to change the world for the better—but this time, together with you and everyone else on Earth.

You can represent one of these lost kids from space—become their representative on Earth and help them achieve their mission by raising a voice against injustice via digital means and social media.

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about the

The Angry Kids are a collection of 5,000 off-world kids who are fed up with how things work around here. Adopt one to help them explore the planet through digital means and social media, and be a part of their journey to save the world.

They'll be available on one of the most energy-efficient blockchains; Tezos.

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The project was created and is being managed by a single creator, Pax Red, so there is no roadmap. However, if the project gets adopted and adapted by everyone it might be a good thing to develop a roadmap in the future.

Also, as an artist, Pax is happiest when he is working on his craft. Not having a roadmap allows him to put his energy into experimenting with new ideas, which means more incredible stuff for all of us to enjoy!

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